About Me

Hi! I'm Sharon and my passion is horses.


I was introduced to the world of horses over 30 years ago when I was just about 7 years old. Since my first day at the stables, I've essentially never left! I caught the horse bug in a serious way, and now I work to help humans and horses have the best interspecies relationship possible. I first started teaching riding in 2002, and since then, I've served as an instructor, trainer, barn and equine manager, riding program director, and much more, across California and Colorado. I love to teach people about the big wide world of horses and not just about riding, as my goal is to help develop true horsemen or women through my program. I bring my entire 30 plus years of equine education and experience to every session in order to offer the best and most complete experience and support for you and your horse!


Below are some short summaries of the services I can offer you and your horses:


Riding Instruction: I enjoy teaching both English and Western riding to recreational riders of all ages and abilities. I'm a certified riding instructor with PATH Intl, and I've also held a CHA certification in both English and Western riding instruction. 


Horse Training: I'm a horse trainer and horsemanship coach/consultant and I'm currently in the Reach Out To Horses Holistic Horsemanship trainers program, under the tutelage of Anna Twinney. In my work, I always put the horse first and try my best to look at the world from the horse's point of view. I strongly believe that in all we do with horses, we must start from a place of love, connection, and relationship first. 

Saddle Fit Assessment: I'm a Certified Equine Ergonomist through Saddlefit4Life, and this means that I am able to assess saddle fit to horse and rider. I don't sell saddles or represent any brands, but if I determine your current saddle doesn't fit you and/or your horse, I can assist in finding you a new saddle solution. 

Bodywork: I'm currently in the certification program for the Masterson Method of Equine Bodywork. I began studying and practicing the Masterson Method in 2013, but only decided to become certified in 2018 after completing the weekend workshop 3 times, followed by the 5-day advanced clinic. I absolutely love bringing this method of bodywork to the horses to help them relax and release chronic tension.

Bringing bodywork, saddle fitting, and a holistic approach to horse training, care, and management to my existing instruction and training practices has made a world of difference to the humans and horses I am privileged to work with. Please let me know how I can help you out!